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An undergraduate engineering student or group of students who demonstrate outstanding design and innovation in their final year tertiary project.

To be envied

  • Robust engineering analysis that shows investigation, testing, validation and improvements.
  • Demonstrated lateral thinking and problem solving – a solution to an identified need or problem, or a new benefit or advantage over existing alternatives.
  • Design delivers value to the environment or society in which the project exists.


  • Entries are open to individuals or teams
  • Studying or studied an Engineering New Zealand-accredited qualification
  • Studied at a tertiary institution in New Zealand in the two years prior to November 2022.
  • Applicant must be an academic and either a:
–  Dean or programme director, or equivalent 
–  Programme leader in an engineering discipline, or
–  Paper coordinator for the project being submitted.
  • A maximum of three entries for this award category from any tertiary provider
  • Does not have to be an Engineering New Zealand member

Judging criteria

  • Vision – concept, opportunity and creative idea​
  • Design – creative and technical process
  • Delivery – technical achievement
  • Impact – value and how it's made a difference
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