An engineer who gets things done, inspires others and takes people with them to make an outstanding contribution to engineering in New Zealand.




Harrison Grierson

Since his 2012 appointment as Managing Director, Glen’s incredible leadership has seen the company through a period of massive change, significantly increasing its size and revenue, resulting in industry awards and high engagement levels from staff.  

Glen has reshaped the 136-year-old company to better reflect the needs of its clients, employees and shareholders. Every aspect of the business has been re-engineered: its organisational and capital structure, IT systems, office locations, ways of working, and governance model.  

The brand has been revitalised, along with the company values and positioning in the market, redefining its purpose, business values, and what’s important for its people. 

Underpinning Glen’s leadership is a strong commitment to Harrison Grierson's staff – creating a people-first, united culture that ensures clients are understood. 

Glen is a massive diversity advocate – he understands greater diversity of thought delivers better financial performance, encourages innovation and better employee wellbeing.


HEB Construction

David has an ability to unlock the potential in people. He’s positively impacted a whole generation of engineers, shaping successful futures and helping people advance through their careers. 

He has a passion for mentoring young engineers and believes they can all succeed. His support is authentic – he helps people be better at their job by developing their capability and careers, while teaching them to be resilient and confident in their abilities. David is HEB’s graduate training champion who over the last ten years has personally mentored 25 HEB young engineers and influenced the growth of many more.

He has a natural ability to build high performing teams, underpinned by a high-performance culture. As a leader, David creates and communicates the project vision based on the desire to meet client outcomes. He has an evident enthusiasm for engineering and a great depth of knowledge and passion that he passes on to others. 

David is a great leader because he has people’s interest at heart, he believes that unlocking an individual’s potential creates a better person.



Jeanette has a genuine passion for transport engineering and a strong drive to create more liveable urban environments, which is evident in the way she leads people and projects.

Jeanette is a technical leader in the field and is sought out by clients for a range of projects.  She understands the community are ultimately the customers for transport projects and must be involved to ensure good outcomes. She is an outstanding mentor.

As a Technical Director at Abley, Jeanette provides leadership to the team of engineers and other technical staff. She also works closely with those striving for Chartered Engineer status. As a CPEng Practice Assessor, she is well positioned to advise on the competencies needed to become CPEng accredited.

Her knowledge and leadership are passed on through industry guidance, training, conference papers and presentations, which upskills others and create positive outcomes for the transport industry and engineering in Aotearoa and beyond.


Tonkin + Taylor

If you look at the impact Tonkin + Taylor has had on New Zealand's engineering story and the significant change it’s driven, you’ll find Doug’s leadership, forethought, tenacity and determination is behind this success story.

Doug was appointed Managing Director of Tonkin + Taylor in 2010, in the shadow of the global financial crisis. His leadership skills were tested from the get-go when the city of Christchurch was struck by a sequence of devastating earthquakes. 

During his leadership period, he’s supported Tonkin + Taylor, alongside industry partners, to play critical roles in many of New Zealand’s most significant infrastructure projects. 

Doug’s impact goes far beyond his firm. His industry peers describe him as an extraordinary leader who has dedicated his career to the betterment of the industry. 

With the onset of Covid-19, Doug stepped forward to help the wider engineering and construction sector, playing a pivotal role in contributing expertise to government health and safety planning during this nationwide crisis. 

As a well-known champion of diversity, Doug was a founding signatory of the Diversity Agenda Accord and has tirelessly led by example in encouraging a diverse and inclusive environment, both within Tonkin + Taylor and right across the sector.