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An innovative collaboration that results in a better project outcome or has a significant positive impact to an ethnic group, workforce, customers, community or the environment.

To be envied

  • Demonstrated collaboration at each stage of the project, that shows a visionary approach to project management.

  • Recognition for building and fostering a relationship that has resulted in extraordinary outcomes. The relationship may be between two or more engineering firms or between an engineering firm and another organisation such as a not for profit, iwi or community.

  • A project that has drawn on the skills and expertise of each partner to create something they could not have done on their own.

  • A partnership that has maximised value to the partners, client or wider community through the combination of skills and expertise of all involved.


  • Entries are open to teams, firms or other groups

  • Work substantially completed in New Zealand, by engineers who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents

  • May include work by non-engineers

  • Work substantially completed between November 2018 and November 2020

Judging Criteria

  • Vision – the concept or idea

  • Opportunity/challenge – creating value in partnering that has gone above and beyond creating an alliance in order to deliver a project

  • Design and collaboration – creative and innovative process, proof of outstanding collaboration to deliver a project to exceptional standards

  • Impact – value, sustainability, social responsibility, and how it has made a difference

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