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An engineer who gets things done, inspires others and takes people with them to make an outstanding contribution to engineering in New Zealand.

To be envied

  • We encourage entries from leaders across the broad range of engineering fields. Demonstrated excellence, either in the nominee’s own work or by leading others to success.

  • Visionary leadership and influence that has had a significant positive impact on the nominee’s team, organisation, fellow engineers, or the wider community.


  • Entries are open to individuals

  • New Zealand citizen or permanent resident

  • A qualified engineer from any of the broad fields

  • Does not have to be an Engineering New Zealand member

Judging Criteria

  • Vision – concept and ideas, how have they inspired others with their visionary leadership?

  • Excellence – how have they contributed to promoting excellence in their field, whether through their own work or by leading others to success?

  • Citizenship – how have they demonstrated social responsibility and a commitment to improving their community through their leadership, both in a professional and voluntary capacity

  • Impact –what enduring positive impact has their leadership had, not only on their industry and the engineering profession but on New Zealand as a whole?

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