Finalists announced 16 September


A breathtakingly clever engineering project or product that has solved an age-old problem or shifted from the ‘always done this way’ mentality.


To Be Envi.Ed

  • A design and development process that shows investigation, discovery, and inventiveness.

  • Lateral thinking and problem solving – a solution to an identified need or problem, or a new benefit or advantage over existing alternatives.

  • Demonstrated value to the environment or society in which the project exists.

  • Inspiration for future innovators – how has the innovation been made available to the public, and how does it contribute to engineering knowledge?


  • Entries are open to individuals teams, firms or other groups

  • Projects or products eligible

  • Work substantially completed in New Zealand, by engineers who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents

  • May include work by non-engineers

  • Work substantially completed between 3 August 2017 and 2 August 2019

  • Do not have to be Engineering New Zealand members

  • Can enter multiple award categories

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