The finalists for 2019

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2019 Finalists
Young Engineer of the Year.

Sponsored by MAS

Awarded to a young engineer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, excellence in their career and a contribution to their community. They must be able to communicate how their work makes New Zealanders' lives better.



Alistair Collins

Alistair's ambitious, highly collaborative and people-based approach has turned heads. So too has his commitment to the development of future engineers as a voluntary mentor and model influence to young people.

Cameron Chapman
WEL Networks

Using engineering as a platform to improve the environment and empower those around him, Cameron brings his passion for driving sustainable solutions into the world to his management role at WEL Networks.

Caroline Hope

With aspirations to become a global leader in regenerative, human-centered infrastructure, Caroline is forging a path of innovation and influence at the nexus of education, local government, and engineering.


A first-time founder and a confident and capable CEO, Terry’s company brings Virtual Reality to life with the NOVA untethered motion platform. A forward-thinking visionary who inspires and leads his team to success.


2019 Finalists
Engineering Leadership.

Sponsored by Callaghan Innovation

Each of these finalists have made an outstanding contribution to engineering in New Zealand through their vision, commitment and influence. Someone who gets things done, inspires others and takes people with them.



Darryl-Lee Wendelborn

Managing Director at Beca, Darryl-Lee embodies the changing face of the New Zealand engineering industry. A technical leader and advocate for diversity, she holds an extraordinary track record of delivering major community-shaping infrastructure projects.

Jamie France
Rocket Lab

Jamie leads a team of engineers and technicians that has grown from just three to well over 100 in less than three years, producing the components needed to build the only dedicated small satellite rocket launching anywhere in the world.

Simonne Eldridge
Tonkin + Taylor

Simonne smashed the glass ceiling to become the first woman appointed to the Tonkin+Taylor Executive Leadership Team and has been fundamental in driving change across New Zealand, Australia and the Asia/Pacific region, transforming waste problems into opportunities.

WSP Opus

Troy has demonstrated how the application of mātauranga Māori (indigenous knowledge) and kaitiakitanga (stewardship) enhances outcomes. His contribution to the engineering profession reunites it with its core purpose – to serve our communities, including our future generations.


2019 Finalists
Engineering Creativity.

Sponsored by HEB Construction

A project or product where art, design, technology and engineering collide to create something eye catching, disruptive and different to the norm.



Kākahu Façade
Lewis Bradford

Cloaking a Christchurch parking building with 1116 aluminium feathers required a feat of wind engineering. From full-scale prototypes to extreme wind simulations, this was an artistic process like no other.


Imagine a totally untethered VR motion simulator that rolls, flips and spins you through space in a virtual jet fighter, rollercoaster or rocket. Created by engineers at Wellington’s Eight360, the NOVA platform is VR without the strings.

Tirohanga Whānui Bridge

Reconnecting a ridgeline disrupted by the motorway, Tirohanga Whānui – meaning 'Panoramic Views' – is a masterful convergence of function, form and style. Relaying our cultural narrative, it stands testament to artist Graeme Tipene’s nature derived inspiration.


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2019 Finalists
Engineering Impact.

Awarded for a project that has delivered enormous value and impact to either a community, country or organisation.



Clifton to Tāngōio
Tonkin + Taylor (Coastal Engineering Team)

New Zealand’s first community led Coastal Hazards Strategy, with a 100-year vision for dynamic adaptive planning, has provided a blueprint for councils around the country with far-reaching positive impacts for generations to come.

Kaikōura Earthquake Recovery
NZTA, Kiwirail, NCTIR Alliance

An extraordinary seismic event, one million cubic meters of rock and over 3300 separate ‘things to be fixed’ including both land and structures. A herculean recovery effort transforming the region through the power of collaboration.

Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit
Auckland Council & Height

New Zealand's first universal (and free) platform is helping make transparent, understandable and credible decisions about spending limited resources while pursuing social and environmental benefits.

Te Auaunga: Walmsley, Oakley Creek & Underwood Reserves Restoration
Auckland Council, Fulton Hogan, Boffa Miskell & AECOM

A public open space upgrade with social, environmental and cultural benefits. Te Auaunga demonstrates the impact possible, when local government, the community (including mana whenua), and contractors collaborate to take a placemaking approach.


2019 Finalists
Engineering Innovation.

Awarded for a breathtakingly clever engineering project or product launched or completed in the past two years that has solved an age-old problem or shifted from the 'always done this way' mentality.



Epoxy Porous Asphalt
NZ Transport Agency, WSP Opus & Fulton Hogan

By originally experimenting with mixing a runway coating with local bitumen, Epoxy Porous Asphalt is now NZTA’s designated surface of choice on motorways. The ingenuity that created this product has now been used in the Netherlands and sparked new research in the United States.

Callaghan Innovation (Research and Technical Services)

For the first time, MicroMaker allows affordable, rapid prototyping at the microfabrication level. This means miniature 3D printed devices including sensors, wearables, point-of-care diagnostics, micro-robotics, and aerospace components.

Modular Rockfall Protection Wall
NZ Transport Agency, KiwiRail & NCTIR Alliance

A world first protection wall built specifically for New Zealand seismic conditions. The Modular Rockfall wall can absorb a massive 700kj impact and has been installed at two sites too narrow for standard design solutions. It is ready for use in other locations across New Zealand.

Dotterel Technologies

Dotterel Technologies is behind the innovative technology that reduces drone noise as well as enabling real-time aerial audio recording for UAVs. Dotterel is New Zealand’s first TechStars-backed company and their solutions have given real value to industries such as search and rescue, and aerial cinematography.

The Bat Signal
Mt Messenger Alliance

A customised drone fitted with modified hardware to achieve superior aerial detection of radio signals has helped to protect critically endangered, thumb-sized long-tailed bats in the proposed 5.2km Mt Messenger road bypass in Taranaki.

Turanga - Christchurch Central Library
Lewis Bradford

Tūranga, Christchurch's new central library showcases state-of-the-art structural engineering while offering significant societal value. Tūranga represents resilience in every sense of the word.


2019 Finalists
Engineering Partnership.

Sponsored by NZ Transport Agency

Awarded for outstanding collaboration between an engineering organisation and one or more other organisations,that results in a better project outcome or has a significant positive impact on a workforce, customers or community.



Aspiring Artists
Scape Public Art & Lewis Bradford Consulting

Under 18 year-olds in Christchurch now get the chance to beautify their city centre through the Re:ACTIVATE programme. Winning design submissions are turned into displays as part of the SCAPE Public Art Walkway – bringing life to this family-friendly walking route.

Franklin Road
Auckland Transport, Auckland City Council, Watercare, Waitemata Community Board, Franklin Road Community Liaison Group, Stantec & Downer

Partnership, collaboration and engagement with the community were at the heart of this transformational project to upgrade an iconic street used by 14,000 vehicles, electric scooters, cyclists, and pedestrians every day.

Kaikōura Earthquake Recovery
NZ Transport Agency, Kiwirail, HEB, Fulton Hogan & Downers and Higgins

Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake a unique and collaborative response was required to repair and rebuild land and structures, and reconnect communities. This collaboration ensured streamlined delivery and an efficient work programme which neither organisation could have achieved alone.


This design-led innovation programme empowers diverse groups of people to co-create integrated solutions to complex challenges. Today Smart Seed’s anchor programme is running in 13 cities in 5 global regions including Australia, New Zealand and North America.

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2019 Finalists
Engineering Diversity.

Sponsored by Victoria University

Awarded to an organisation or individual that is committed to diversity and inclusion and lives and breathes the power of a truly inclusive workplace and diverse workforce.



Our Journey Together

Celebrating the creativity, perspectives and expertise of Māori and Pasifika engineers is key to BECA’s philosophy of reflecting the communities they support. Their partnership with the South Pacific Indigenous Engineering Students (SPIES) association at the University of Auckland proudly exemplifies this.


In response to their annual people survey GHD has established three new committees focused on cultural, generational and LGBTQI inclusivity. Ensuring they constantly challenge themselves and ask, ‘are we doing enough?’, diversity to GHD means creating a true culture of inclusiveness.

Honor Columbus
Maori and Pasifika in Construction

Honor founded Māori and Pasifika in Construction – a self-funded, volunteer run initiative based in Ōtautahi with a vision for an equitable construction industry where Māori and Pasifika people may participate and lead at all levels.


Over a period of just 12 months, WSP Opus has identified and removed any gender pay gaps and has women in 42% of their New Zealand Leadership Team positions. As part of the organisational culture shifts that recognise and celebrate diversity, they have also established a Diversity and Inclusion advisory group and action plan.


2019 Finalists
Engineering Education.

Awarded to an individual or team for inspiring engineering education or a significant initiative. It may include student or peer support, teaching, research or other significant initiatives that result in an enduring positive impact.



Engineers Without Borders

Reaching around 1750 students each year and promoting the ideas and values of humanitarian engineering, EWB New Zealand’s in school programme engages students to think about how STEM fields can make the world a better place.

Meridian Energy Rural

Meridian’s engineering teams are passionate about sharing their engineering knowledge – especially with those that may not get the chance otherwise. Through engaging with local schools and communities, they encourage, teach and inspire the next generation of engineers.

The University of Auckland's Deans Leadership Program

The Dean’s Leadership Programme equips students to see problems from non-engineering perspectives, deal with situations without ideal solutions, develop skills from other disciplines and become cognisant of the broader context of how engineering supports society.

WSP Opus

Troy has demonstrated how the application of mātauranga Māori (indigenous knowledge) and kaitiakitanga (stewardship) to engineering projects provide environmental and socio-economic benefits. The implications of this success extend across all engineering disciplines.


A bespoke graduate programme that provides competitive advantage for the business by developing an internal talent pipeline of highly skilled, agile future leaders. The long-term success and support of each Xero graduate is achieved via an effective and measurable learning program.