An organisation or individual that lives and breathes the power of a truly inclusive and diverse workplace, workforce or engineering community.




Jacobs “live inclusion” and expect all colleagues, clients and partners to do the same. They lead by example and hold people to account for their actions, creating a culture of positive change. 

Jacobs have an embedded inclusion and diversity culture and recently launched their TogetherBeyond strategy – a global action plan and their approach to living inclusion every day, enabling diversity and equality. TogtherBeyond is a fundamental differentiator and large component of Jacobs global and local business values, strategy, and the accountability of their leadership. 

Stepping back from the global scale, and focusing on Jacobs’ New Zealand branch, they recognise the importance of Aotearoa’s Māori heritage and culture and encourage staff to acknowledge ties to Māori culture and values. 

Staff are supported by Jacobs leadership to engage and gain a deep understanding of Te Ao Māori. Jacobs is adapting solutions to be inclusive of Te Ao Māori, to engage with Māori and other stakeholders throughout project lifecycles, ensuring solutions fit everyone in the communities they serve.


South Pacific Professional Engineers for Excellence (SPPEEx) focus on supporting and encouraging Māori and Pasifika professional engineers in New Zealand, the Pacific, and beyond. 

Their vision is "a flourishing Māori and Pasifika engineering profession." They’re a grass-roots, non-profit collaborative, with a strong Kaupapa of growing the representation of Māori and Pasifika engineers.


Their work is focused on promoting engineering as a career in their communities and schools, which in turn encourages more diversity in the profession. They also support young Māori and Pasifika student engineers and professionals to lead successful careers.

SPPEEx has shown strong leadership and commitment to the goals of diversity – and they’ve made big strides towards achieving these goals, resulting in positive changes in the profession.

At a time when Māori and Pasifika make up an estimated 1% of all Chartered Professional Engineers, SPPEEx is a shining light for the profession. By creating a hub for indigenous engineers they’re supporting and challenging Māori and Pasifika members to aspire to senior roles and celebrating their identities and contributions to Aotearoa.


Aurecon believes humanity depends on engineering and recognises the profession has a broader stewardship role to play. By recruiting and inspiring a diverse workforce, Aurecon is creating an inclusive, high-performing culture where everyone can be their full authentic selves.

Aurecon operates with a huge range of partners and has a strong commitment from their senior leadership, bringing in experts to upskill them. They’re delivering on their authentic promise of diversity and inclusion, which is making a significant impact on their employees. 

They recently appointed Tracey Ryan as the NZ Regional Managing Director – a strong and vocal advocate of diversity and inclusion and driver of accelerated change.

Aurecon were the first New Zealand engineering consultancy to offer Shared Care, giving Aurecon families more choice when considering who takes on childcare responsibilities in their home. They also were the first engineering consultancy to be Rainbow Tick accredited. Other policies include ‘Yes Flex’ – their approach to flexible working, which empowers employees to embrace flexibility. 

And last year, Aurecon launched its New Zealand Diversity & Inclusion Network, which includes five pillars, focused on – Gender Diversity, Te Ao Māori, LGBTI+ Inclusion, Accessibility & Disabilities, and Cultural Diversity.