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Dotterel Technologies 
“Within film and television production, sound capture technology hasn’t evolved much over the last 30 years… Konos stands to revolutionise the way production sound mixer/recordists capture sound, simultaneously overcoming new constraints while uniquely positioning microphones for the world of AI.” – Eric Rigney, referee. 

Impressing judges with its potential to be an international leader, Konos already has strong user endorsement and hopes to take New Zealand’s sound capture technology to new levels. 

Konos is the new industry standard in sound capture. 

The system erases the limitations previously experienced with capturing sound. On the street, out in the wilderness, up in the air, and in locations previously considered too noisy to record in. 

Our revolutionary noise filtering technology allows you to eliminate off-axis noise in real-time, with low impact on fidelity. Konos is a compact, high-fidelity, high-sensitivity microphone array with adjustable directivity, rear channel, and real-time noise filtering to capture clear sound in challenging sonic conditions. 

It’s a world-first in adjustable directivity. It is three microphones in one – providing narrow, medium and wide capture patterns, resulting in: 

● clear audio in high-noise environments 

● the ability to capture target and ambient simultaneously 

● incredible quality over long distances. 

Konos is an example of New Zealand innovation shattering industry standards and re-writing the playbook. 


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