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Meridian Energy Rural
Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy Rural is generating future engineers by engaging with local schools and communities near its wind and hydro sites, from Wellington to Southland.

In 2019, Meridian’s Twizel Tactical Engineering Team ran a week-long event at Twizel Area School culminating in an egg-drop competition. Meanwhile, the Manapouri team brought Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson to Fiordland College. Meridian engineers support the Girls in Hi-Vis initiative to encourage women into trades and technology career paths, running 11 events at its wind and hydro sites over the past five years. They’re also Wonder Project ambassadors and big supporters of the Week of Engineering.

Our judges said Meridian staff were going out of their way to carry out outreach to help local communities to understand more about electricity, energy and what they do. “This is a company committed to education of others and in rural communities that don't typically have strong science or engineering programs.”


Engineers Without Borders in Schools


Troy Brockbank – WSP

Dean's Leadership Programme – The University of Auckland

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